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Fibromyalgia treatment using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Fibromyalgia treatment using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

In a study performed on patients suffering from fibromyalgia, who were not able to get their symptoms under control with conventional drug therapies were picked and put under trials. The study put the individuals through 20 hyperbaric sessions at a pressure of 2.5 times that of atmospheric pressure. The result in most individuals was highly encouraging as the pain significantly came down.


Suffering from non healing foot wounds or ulcers and diabetes? HBOT is the answer!

HBOT, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy involves a person spending 90 minutes (typically called a session) in a pure Oxygen filled chamber at a pressure nearly twice or thrice that of atmospheric pressure. This results in additional supply of oxygen to every tissue and cell in the body even to those places where the haemoglobin was not…